Carrier Advantage Card

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                                          Thank you carriers

                                          Save 30 cents per gallon on fuel

                                          We've extended the 30 cent discount! For a limited time, all Carrier Advantage cardholders will receive a 30 cent per gallon discount on fuel at TA Petro and TA Express locations nationwide, in addition to the existing discounts at EFS network locations. This is a token of our gratitude for the work you do every day to keep our country moving, in crisis and beyond.

                                          Fuel is a large part of your expenses. Whether it’s credit, self-funded, or our C.H. Robinson funded option, trust the Carrier Advantage™ card to deliver fuel discounts that keep your business in the green and your equipment on the road.*

                                          A card that fits your needs

                                          The C.H. Robinson Carrier Advantage card is flexible and built to work how you work.

                                          Credit/Self–funded C.H. Robinson Funded
                                          Application Process ?Credit check via EFS
                                          ?$50 application fee
                                          ?No credit check
                                          ?$0 application fee
                                          Monthly/Annual Fees None
                                          Funding** Funds loaded to card from C.H. Robinson payables , bank transfer, or EFS credit line Funds loaded to card from C.H. Robinson payables (cash advance or final payment)
                                          Fuel Discount ? 20-28 cents per gallon at TA Petro and TA Express locations nationwide
                                          ? Additional discounts via the EFS Network
                                          Cash Advance ? Up to 60% per load
                                          ? One click request in Navisphere?
                                          Apply Now ($50)
                                          Apply Now ($0)

                                          How much can you save on fuel?

                                          For a limited time, all carriers get
                                          off per gallon*
                                          We're offering 30 cents off per gallon for all cardholders, no matter your Carrier Advantage Program status. When this offer ends, the higher your status, the more you can save.

                                          $0.20 off
                                          $0.30 off
                                          per gallon


                                          $0.25 off
                                          $0.30 off
                                          per gallon


                                          $0.28 off
                                          $0.30 off
                                          per gallon

                                          Start using your Carrier Advantage card

                                          simple online sign up

                                          Activate your card

                                          • Upon approval, your card(s) will be shipped to the address you provided. Once your cards arrive, log into EFS to activate your card. While there, set your spending limits too to ensure funds are spent on the items you want. Then share the cards with the drivers on your team.
                                          • For additional support, refer to the EFS support guides.
                                          activate card online

                                          Fund your card

                                          fuel pumps

                                          Get discounted fuel

                                          Reap the rewards of your Carrier Advantage card. Use it at TA Petro and TA Express location to receive fuel discounts—you’re not limited to C.H. Robinson loads. And access EFS network discounts at thousands of locations across North America.***

                                          Discount for all C.H. Robinson contract carriers with Carrier Advantage card for a limited time. Offer good at TA Petro and TA Express locations nationwide. We reserve the right to change this discount back to 20-28 cents at any time.
                                          **Funds only available in $USD
                                          ***Carrier Advantage card is a part of the EFS network. All discounts apply.

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