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                                          What sets our cross-border shipping services apart

                                          No matter what issues your cross-border freight faces, our full suite of global logistics and technology services help you translate needs into solutions:

                                          • Find trucks when you need them with the largest pool of vetted, reliable, high-quality carriers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
                                          • Select a mix of transportation modes to optimize your business and seamlessly integrate cross-border services.
                                          • Trust our local, bilingual experts to help handle your cross-border freight and ensure problems are resolved in real time.
                                          • Improve efficiencies and manage freight costs by mitigating risk and improving real-time visibility through our technology solutions.

                                          When you’re shipping between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, trust C.H. Robinson to understand your specific business needs and translate them into supply chain solutions.


                                          • Expedited/team services
                                          • C-TPAT certification and post-certification assistance
                                          • Presence in all major border crossing locations

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